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Tokio Hotel Tattoo for Yvor by 0Ash0 Tokio Hotel Tattoo for Yvor by 0Ash0
My contest entry for *yvor 's 'create a Tokio Hotel tattoo' contest.

My keyboard is sticking and giving me trouble, so I'll try to make this quick. The wolves represent the twin brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz with them circling their emblem.

Why I chose wolves- wolves are pack animals and rarely separate. They bond closely to one another as twins often do. Bill and Tom are also huge animal lovers, (Obviously, they're both vegetarians ;) ) and their music can be very fierce and powerful.

In native North American mythology the wolf was often looked favourably upon. Some tribes identified their clans with particular animals and looked to them for guidance or inspiration. Especially on the Northwest coast the wolf was used as a totem. The wolf was revered because it is a good hunter. It is often associated with the special spirit power that man had to acquire to become a successful hunter (Stewart 1979). Some tribes also have creation myth where wolves play an important part, for example the Kwakiutl of British Columbia. One of their myths tells how the ancestors of the people took off their wolf masks and became humans (Steinhart 1996). According to the Ute, a tribe from the Rocky Mountain area of Colorado, the wolf played a major role in how the people came to the earth. The wolf had carried a heavy bag on his back and therefore could only move very slowly. After a while the bag became so heavy, he hardly could walk any further and decided to lay down. While doing so, the bag burst and all the people poured out and went to the different places on earth (Lšng 1989)

Tattoo is to be used by *yvor only. Not for public use.

Wolves reffed from: [link] and
yvor Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
Not bad at all :D I like the idea behind the wolves, especially.
Thank you for entering and good luck!
0Ash0 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Hobbyist
Thank you ^^ Sorry it took so long. Tribal design is surprisingly very taxing. It took me a few tries to make it look right. I'm very pleased with the overall result.

Eric explained to me that the idea behind tribal tattoos is that the animals are actually supposed to be the representation of spirits, hence why they look so funky.
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July 3, 2010
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